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peggy's delights



Gorgeous home cooked food based on traditional north east recipes

Peggy’s Delights was born out of a love of spending afternoons with my gran, Peggy, in the kitchen. From all those hours together, my love of cooking grew, and she showed me the simple joy of seeing people well fed.


Every visitor to her home would leave, eventually, full to bursting from the most wonderful cakes, sweets, and pies. Even if they’d only popped in for a quick hello.


Yes, she was a genuine character, my gran. It seemed like there was nothing she couldn’t bake, and she made everything with love and care.

That same love and care I grew up with carries on into Peggy’s Delights. And, using many of my gran’s recipes lets you enjoy a little of her cooking—a traditional taste of the North East.


I’ll never forget seeing gran’s smile light up and the pride on her face as everyone enjoyed her food. Every time I deliver a new order, I feel lucky that I get to experience that feeling.

If you’d like some of Peggy’s Delights traditional home made food, please get in touch.

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